23 April 2019 14:11 WIB

Accelera And Forceum Present In Indonesia Automodified (IAM) Surabaya

Indonesia Automodified (IAM) is an exhibition and car modification event held by PT. HIN Promosindo who have delivered many "King of Indonesia Automodified" by showing a lot of car modifications varied from that proper to the extreme.


Surabaya is one of the cities followed by Accelera and Forceum besides the cities of Banjarmasin, Bandung, Palembang, and Jakarta. Since long ago, Surabaya has many enthusiasts in the world of modification. This year remains consistent. Evidenced by the number of 2019 IAM participants in Surabaya, which numbered nearly 200 people.


Accelera and Forceum were present at IAM 2019 Surabaya which was held at Tunjungan Plaza, occupying a 5x6 meter booth. Accelera and Forceum display many pattern variations. Accelera products displayed include PHI-R, M/T-01, Omikron A/T, 651 Sport, Iota ST-6, Omikron H/T, RA162, and the newest extreme product, Badak X-Treme. While the Forceum products displayed include M/T-08 Plus, ATZ-R, Ecosa, Hena, Hexa-R and Trideka.


From all participants who took part in the 2019 IAM in Surabaya, the participants' confidence in using Accelera and Forceum products was high. This is because Accelera and Forceum products have many variants of patterns and sizes, so the participants are not confused to find the ideal size for the wheels that decorate their cars.