24 December 2021 09:20 WIB

Steel Wheels And Forceum Tyres For Heavy Use

Today's average car wheels are made of alloy material. In fact, performance cars often use other materials and methods such as forged alloy wheels.

These wheels are indeed strong. But, why is there still so much use of steel wheels in cars? Especially a big car. Why don't they use these types of alloy wheels?

Because steel wheels offer one advantage, namely high strength.

Compared to other materials such as alloys, steel wheels are relatively of higher strength. But indeed, the weight of steel wheels is also heavier so it is not suitable for high performance use.

Indeed, wheels such as forged alloy wheels could provide both, high strength and lightness. But forged alloy wheels are still so expensive that they are out of reach for many people.

Thus, steel wheels are very suitable for heavy loads with low speeds, such as off-road.

When off-road, high strength is required to tackle the off-road area. Thus, the steel wheels in off-road cars are very suitable combined with Forceum M / T-08 Plus off-road tyres.

So, the wheels will be strong to withstand the torment when off-roading, and the Forceum M / T-08 Plus tyres will gain traction when going through the difficult terrain. Not to mention this combination makes the car look good.



Velg mobil masa kini rata-rata sudah terbuat dari bahan alloy. Bahkan, pada mobil performa, sering menggunakan bahan dan metode lain seperti velg forged.

Velg-velg ini memanglah kuat. Tetapi, mengapa masih banyak penggunaan velg besi di mobil-mboil? Terutama mobil besar. Mengapa mereka tidak menggunakan velg jenis alloy ini.

Karena velg besi menawarkan satu kelebihan, yaitu kekuatan tinggi.

Dibandingkan dengan bahan lain seperti alloy, velg besi relatif memiliki kekuatan yang lebih tinggi. Tapi memang, bobot dari velg besi juga lebih berat sehingga tidak cocok untuk penggunaan performa tinggi.

Memang, velg seperti velg forged bisa memberikan keduanya, kekuatan tinggi dan keringanan. Tapi velg forged masih sangat mahal sehingga diluar jangkauan banyak orang.

Sehingga, velg besi adalah velg yang sangat cocok untuk beban berat dengan kecepatan rendah, misalnya off-road.

Ketika off-road, diperlukan kekuatan tinggi untuk melibas area off-road tersebut. Sehingga, velg besi di mobil off-road sangat cocok dikombinasikan dengan ban off-road Forceum M/T-08 Plus.

Sehingga, velg akan kuat menahan siksaan saat off-road, dan ban Forceum M/T-08 Plus akan mendapatkan traksi ketika melalui medan sulit tersebut. Belum lagi kombinasi ini membuat mobil menjadi lebih gagah.